Westminster Fire- About Us

Westminster Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc.’s sole purpose is to keep our customers safe! We help each customer create a fire protection program that not only meets regulations but also assures you have the finest fire prevention resources to protect your business. Choosing Westminster Fire means you don’t have to worry or think about your plan once it’s in place; we do that for you.

Founded in 1978, Westminster Fire has delivered fire safety products and services to Carroll County and Baltimore County Maryland and Pennsylvania businesses for nearly 40 years. Expansions in the 21st century have added locations to provide prompt service to customers in York County, Adams County, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Frederick, Chambersburg, Washington County, Montgomery County, and the D.C Metro area.


Don’t let our name fool you; we offer more than fire extinguishers. Our systems integration includes fire suppression systems, fire alarms, security systems, access control, locksmith services, emergency lighting, data networking, CCTV, fire safety accessories, safes, inspections, maintenance, testing and much more.

Whether you are a startup business or are ready to switch providers, we want to be who you call first. We are continually looking for new opportunities to offer the finest business protection services that keep you, your employees, and property safe.

Making the Right Choice

Having the right fire protection plan in place is the difference between a minor accident and a total loss. Running a business isn’t easy and staying up to date on fire codes is often difficult for business owners and managers. Your days are filled with endless tasks to make sure customers are happy. Just like customers are your priority, the Westminster Fire team is committed to building client relationships based on trust and dependability.

Fire safety doesn’t have to be a project with the right team on your side. Westminster Fire Extinguisher Services, Inc., is the right choice for your business. We put our customers first, make recommendations that you need, and deliver the services we promise.