Fire Alarms and Security Systems

We are proud to offer fire alarm and security system solutions to businesses and residents in the Pennsylvania and Maryland, and surrounding communities for more than 40 years. As a business or homeowner, it’s not feasible to spend 24 hours a day guarding your doors. Investing in a fire alarm and security system is necessary to fully protect your assets and personal well-being.

Fire Alarm Systems

How early a fire is detected is the difference between losing and minimizing damage. Having the right fire alarm system installed does more than just detect smoke. Installing a fire alarm system with 24/7 monitoring:

  • Notifies local emergency authorities to send help quickly;
  • Fire sprinklers or suppression systems activate the alarm system for life safety
  • Notifies you of a fire when you are somewhere else.

Security Systems

Break-ins, theft, and vandalism can happen anywhere and usually occur when nobody is home or at your commercial building. Installing a security system provides 24-hour monitoring of your property. When a break-in occurs, the proper authorities are notified immediately. Properly installed security systems offer several benefits:

  • Discourage theft or shoplifting
  • Prevent unwanted intruders
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Minimize false claims against your business

Other Services

In addition to fire alarm and security systems, we can also provide:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Digital Key Telephone/Voicemail Systems
  • Computer Data Network Wiring
  • Closed Circuit TV Systems
  • Commercial Sound
  • Intercom Systems

Why Choose Us

For more than 40 years, customers have trusted us to protect their homes and businesses. We have the expertise you need to complete any project, from small business to large commercial applications. We offer a variety of fire alarm and security system products for simple or complex jobs. Our factory-trained technicians are ready to help you with your alarm system needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to review your needs and concerns. We’ll provide you with recommendations to protect your home or business.